Hadar at Silverwoods

Fairview | 29. 3 2 2
Peter Thomson Circuit, Yarrawonga VIC 3730

Hadar Homes was established in 1995 when Managing Director, Rick Leeworthy, witnessed a dispute between a client and their builder on a site in Yarrawonga. As a plumbing contractor, Rick realised that there was a vast gap between what the client expected and what the builder was offering.

So Rick Leeworthy created Hadar Homes – a building company founded on offering clients the honest and reliable service they deserve. For 25 years, Hadar Homes has worked tirelessly in creating a genuine building experience by putting our clients first. With over 1,000 homes built in the Albury Wodonga, Yarrawonga and Wangaratta regions, Hadar Homes clients experience the benefits of a locally owned building company with an exceptional reputation for quality.

At Hadar Homes, our job is to help turn your dream home into a reality. That’s why Hadar is the most awarded local builder.

Opening Hours
Hadar Homes at Silverwoods

Wednesday - Friday: 12pm - 4pm
Saturday - Sunday: 11am - 4pm

Lisa Starr
m. 0409 404 037
e. lisa.starr@hadar.com.au

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