The Bull Ring

The Bull Ring

Immerse yourself in the experience! When you enter the Bull Ring, the flag colours change from yellow to red and you will discover an entrance gate similar to those seen on the set of a western movie. Upon passing through the gate, to the left of the tee behold the striking life-size Black Bull statue, known as Charlie.

It’s all a part of the Black Bull experience and visiting golfers will find it hard to resist posing for a selfie with Charlie the bull. The trio starts with a 179-metre par-3, which demands a tee shot to be played over water, before heading into two par-4s with the capacity to destroy your round if you

mis-hit into the chain of small lakes that lie through the middle of the Bull Ring. The last leg is also the toughest test at Black Bull – a 390-metre par-4 – that often plays into the prevailing wind and features one of the narrowest fairways on the course. The Bull Ring is Black Bull at its toughest.

The Bull Ring
Black Bull Golf Course Bull Ring

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